“Kryshla is my tech-angel, my marketing guru and general all-round social media expert. She was so professional but with such a warm, caring nature – I knew that she believed in me and what my business was all about, which was something that was so important to me with the nature of what I blog about. It has been such a pleasure working with her, and such a bonus to see all my stats start moving positively in the right direction… The coaching sessions were helpful, relevant and detailed, especially because Kryshla asked me what I wanted to focus on beforehand.The Glitter Bug... copy




“Kryshla was an absolute star to work with!  She helped me begin to think strategically about my brand’s presence on social media and created content that was meaningful and relevant to my followers.   Kryshla created a cohesive look for the Max & Me social media pages and I could rest easy knowing that this important part of my brand marketing was being carefully nurtured and developed.  I would highly recommend Shall We Social to anyone who is looking for assistance with creating an impact on social media.”maxmelogo