Future Kryshla needs your help!


Imagine this: Tomorrow Facebook/Instagram closes its doors and suddenly you have no way of contacting all of your wonderful followers😱

As any good Social Media Manager will tell you (myself included), having an email database is vital for your business – to keep in touch with your fans/followers/readers/stalkers whenever it suits you, not just when the algorithm is playing nice.

A mailing list also serves as a kind of information insurance policy should the unthinkable happen: Facebook goes into receivership/you get hacked/you suddenly lose the will to scroll.

If Past Kryshla is smart and collects your email address now then Future Kryshla can contact you in the event that Instagram slams a virtual door in her face. Hence this sign-up form and my request for your details.


If the thought of keeping Future Kryshla happy isn’t enough of an incentive, I’m also going to bribe you! You’ve kindly agreed to give me your email address. That’s a big deal and something I don’t take lightly. I really appreciate it and I’m going to send you something awesome in return, to say thank you for your generosity.

I make no promises about the regularity of my emails but I do promise to deliver value; Whether that be an actionable tip, a sneaky little hack to boost your post reach or a kick a$$ content idea to surprise and delight your followers, that is the kind of stuff you’ll get in your inbox whenever the mood strikes me.

So, wadda ya think? Shall we email?💌