Below you’ll find my ‘Go-To’ list for ideas, inspiration, images and all things internet.

Stock Images

I don’t have the time (or skill) to create my own professional photography, yet quality images are an integral part of my content strategy.

Check out Wonderfelle Media’s Styled Stock Society. For a small fee, you can gain access to a library of stock images, with new additions each month. Collections include a variety of styled desktops, florals, lifestyle images, and mockups.

Find out more about becoming a Styled Stock Society member and elevate your brand with gorgeous high-quality styled stock photographs.

SSS Summer Sips 6

Free Images

Some of my go-to accounts for free stock images:





Also, some of the paid stock libraries release 4-5 free images each month to their subscribers so get yourself onto those mailing lists.


Content Calendars

Do you struggle with content ideas or to plan your social media posts ahead of time? Here’s my go-to solution: Downloadable content calendars from Karen Vivarelli

Karen produces useful monthly calendars with important key dates, holidays and fun observation days (e.g. #internationaldonutday). There are 2 versions for each month: One with the key dates and another, blank template, that you can fill in yourself.

I download these each month and drop any key dates that I think could apply to my clients into each of their content planning calendars. This way I always have something to fall back on if I’m really struggling to come up with a post idea. I simply see what interesting events are coming up and script a related post. I find this useful to get over writer’s block – once you start creating content other ideas will flow and you’ll be smashing out quality posts for your socials in no time.

Visit her website to download all this content goodness for yourself.


Inspiration and Ideas

There are so many social media blogs and Podcasts out there and, while I wish that I had time to read and listen to them all, there are only a handful that I visit on a regular basis. Here are some of my favourites:

Stevie Says Social by Stevie Dillon – Check out her behind-the-scenes series that shows exactly what she did to grow her own social accounts.

Later Blog by the creators of the popular social media scheduling tool, Later. This blog is great for step-by-step instructions, useful tools and technical information that will help you make the most out of your social media accounts.

Online Marketing Made Easy – podcast by Amy Porterfield. This popular podcast includes a wealth of marketing information, expert interviews and mini execution plans. The notes section for each podcast includes many useful links and resources plus action plans to implement the ideas shared. I listen to these during my morning walk for new ideas and to get me in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

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