Easter Content Ideas

Eggcellent Easter Content Ideas for Social Media

Easter is coming … which means it’s time to create delicious content for your socials. To help you out, I’ve pulled together 10 ‘cracking’ post ideas that will delight your fans and followers and leave your competitors hopping mad. These ideas can be shared via Facebook or Instagram and also in your e-newsletters. Go on, hop to it!

1. Create a virtual Easter egg hunt
Remember the ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in 1990 video games? Well I’m suggesting a far more low-tech option here: Hide Easter eggs in your images, videos or stories over the course of a week and ask your followers to find them and DM you or comment with the location of said eggs. Reward the correct respondents with a prize.

This strategy works well because it provides an incentive for people to come back and view your content each day and all those responses are going to do wonders for your account engagement.

If you have a bricks and mortar store, create a real-life egg hunt – with prizes or store discounts. Publicise the hunt on social media and share the action via Facebook or Instagram Live on the day. Involve those watching at home with a special offer to shop online.

2. Share important business info
Yawn! This isn’t as sexy as an egg hunt but if your store is closing over Easter or there are shipping deadlines your customers need to know about then make sure you share this info (a few times) in the lead up to the big bunny’s appearance. Scarcity and urgency drive sales so don’t be afraid to push deadlines.

3. Tell us about your Easter plans and ask others for theirs
Going somewhere fabulous for the Easter break? Whip up some holiday FOMO by sharing your plans and ask others what they are up to. This is a quick and easy way to create conversation and to gain holiday inspiration for yourself.

4. Provide Pinterest-worthy sweet inspiration 
If you think tempering chocolate child’s play, whip up an adorable Easter creation to share with your followers so they can create their own version. Share the recipe and show the process then ask people to tag you so you can re-share their creations. Bonus points if you make these cupcakes and send me one.

5. Share your Easter spread
Are you cooking up a family feast? Show us! There’s a reason #foodporn is so popular. Share your Easter menu and maybe even slip us a secret family recipe or two. Share before, during and after the cooking process so your followers can come on the culinary journey with you. Bonus points for a food fight.

6. Create an Easter Printable 
There are two ways that you can position this: 1. Here’s a cute printable for you/your kids to use for craft or 2. Here’s a cute printable – colour it in/decorate/assemble and tag us to win a prize. Ideas: Easter basket template, colouring image, maze or puzzle, Easter themed word jumble, bunny ears etc.

7. Guess the number of eggs competition
The Easter campaign requiring almost zero effort! Fill up a jar with Easter eggs and create a short video that gives us a 360-degree view. Asking people to guess the number of eggs and write their response in the comments.

8. Update your Facebook cover photo and/or logo Just like the good folks at Google, if you have design skills create a seasonal cover image or logo to use in the lead up to Easter.

9. Share an Easter-themed parenting hack
Help a Mama out with tips for removing chocolate from carpet, tantrum-free Easter entertainment or healthy treat ideas that your kids won’t resent you for. (My only parenting hack involves unwrapping a cream egg without tearing the paper).

10. BTS from your egg hunt
Take us behind-the-scenes as you creep around your garden (or office) like a prowler depositing foil wrapped delights in not-too-obvious locations. Bonus points if you are dressed as a bunny or garden gnome during this process. Then let the magic unfold as your little bunnies find all those delicious wrapped treats. Time lapse video would be a fun way to capture your hunt.

When planning your Easter content for Instagram take care with your hashtag choice. The “Easter” hashtag is often broken*. Right now, as I write this, that hashtag isn’t broken, but it does have over 20 million posts. If you use mega-popular tags like this your content will be lost amongst the myriad of other posts.  Instead, select less popular hashtags for a greater chance of visibility. ⠀

Here are some other “eggcellent” hashtags to try:
#easterholidays or #easterholiday #eastertime #easterlongweekend #chocolateeggs #egghunt or #easteregghunt #hotcrossbun or #hotcrossbuns #eastersale #eastervibes or (my personal fav) #somebunnylovesyou

*Broken hashtags occur when people post offensive material. Instagram disables the tags while they remove the offending content. It is believed that using a broken tag prevents your content from appearing not only under the broken tag itself but also under all the other hashtags you use in your post as well. 

I hope you found these ideas useful and are inspired to get creative with your Easter content. For more content inspiration plus tips, tricks and tools to master your social media, join the Shall We Social Squad.

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