How to create a strong Instagram profile that will attract the right followers


Your Instagram profile page tells people what you’re all about. A strong profile will reflect who you are as a brand, include key messaging and a call to action, ensuring that the right people follow and engage with you. Read more

Facebook’s ‘Feedpocalypse’: Get Over the Doom and Gloom


Back in January (aeons ago in the land of social media) the powers that be at Facey HQ decided to change the way content is delivered to users – to emphasise “meaningful social interactions” and people momentarily Lost. Their. Minds! Read more


My Instagram Engagement Has Dropped. Help!

Shall We Social | social media resourcesLately, I’ve been hearing the same complaint over and over; that people are getting fewer comments and likes on their posts. If you have noticed a sudden decline in your Instagram engagement, this post is for you. Read more

How to Credit and Share Images on Instagram and Facebook

Styled Stock Images for Instagram and Social Media Socail Squares

Whether intentional or not, failing to give credit where it is due is a big no-no. Crediting properly is not just a nice thing to do; there’s a little thing called copyright law and, if you choose to flaunt it, you could get yourself into some serious hot water. Read more

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